We are delighted that Guilano Gambarelli will be joining Raquel Greenberg to explore: “Smooth Giros combined with elements and figures and traveling giros, also adapted for the Vals”

£15 Class + Milonga

£12 Milonga only

(…collected at the door).

Register HERE!


The Shepherd Hall

St Thomas’s Hospital

Westminster Bridge Rd




How to get there?

Whack the address into Google Maps, or…


Either WESTMINSTER, cross Westminster Bridge, St Thomas’s on the right-hand side

…OR WATERLOO, Walk south-west on York Rd towards Chicheley St, Turn left onto Forum Magnum Square, Turn right onto York Rd, Turn left onto Westminster Bridge Rd/A302


There is pay car park at St Thomas’s Hospital, which you approach from the south.


Giuliano Gambarelli discovered tango in 2005, in Florence.

He began his tango journey with one of the most respected tango couples in Italy, Patricia Hilliges and Matteo Panero. Over the years, he perfected his style with some of the most famous Argentine artists such as Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Missé, Sebastian Missé & Andrea Reyero, and Ricardo Barrios & Laura Melo. However, it was his training with Alejandra Mantiñan which profoundly changed his dancing. In 2009 he began to conduct workshops and shows in major Italian cities: Florence, Siena, Genoa, Bologna, Catania, Milan, Naples, Rome and so on, as well abroad: France, Switzerland, and Tunisia. Giuliano is one of the most celebrated Italian tango dancers appreciated for his elegant and clean style, and his clear and simple teaching. At present he continues to carry on his passion in a path of growth, teaching and performing.





Raquel Greenberg

Raquel has run the successful Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy in London for the last six years including organising the “La Divina” milonga and other events with top guest artists, dancers and musicians.  The Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy won the Latin UK Award in 2014 as best Tango teacher and school.  Raquel started to dance when she was six years old. She studied ballet for 12 years, followed by latin and ballroom dancing until she discovered tango 22 years ago. Since then she has had many years of experience teaching, coaching and working as choreographer. She is an active artist teaching and performing in the UK and abroad. Learn more about Raquel:


Videos of Raquel:



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