John and Yasmine’s milonga:

John and Yasmine  are offering an original take on the milonga in their class, “Playing with Directions and Musicality” as well as later a wonderful performance

So, come and learn, and watch, and of course enjoy dancing! Our DJ is HERNáN BRUSA and his good taste in tango music should keep all of us on the dancefloor. Enjoy, the refreshments in between, and with views of the Thames and the Houses of Parliament, come and enjoy a tango venue unique in London!

To come, please register here, NOW!

£15 Class + Milonga

£12 Milonga only

(…collected at the door).


John Erban

John Erban has been dancing and teaching for more than 15 years. He participated in several international festivals and championships and won the 2nd place in Salon Tango at the 2011 World Championship in Buenos Aires.


Yasmina Baileche

Yasmina Baileche, originally from Paris, discovered Tango and trained in Buenos Aires. She has been dancing for over 15 years. Yasmina teaches and performs in several dance studios and milongas in France, UK, Italy, Algeria, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Jordan and Lebanon.


Their unique dancing and teaching style focuses on the connection in the embrace, musicality and playfulness. Taught with humour and energy their class it’s an unforgettable experience!



Milonga: Playing with directions, dynamics and musicality


DJ: Hernán Brusa

Hernán Brusa is a tango teacher and performer who was born and grew in Buenos Aires. His tango career began in 1998 during which time he has studied with maestros: Alejandra Mantiñán, Gabriel Angió and Natalia Games. He has performed on several of the most famous stages in Buenos Aires, moving in 2009 to teach tango in Tokyo. Returning to Europe in 2014, he now lives and works in Milan, as well as in London, Istanbul and Brussels.



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